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I bought ABL2 recently, because I love that 303 sound and it was cheaper than trying to figure out how to build my own xoxbox.

I had plans to do more with this track. Then I realised I was getting too deep into tweaking instead of releasing and moving on so it’s now released/abandoned.

Drums were originally Maschine, then I exported the midi and used Lives drum machines and some samples. The low bass is Trilian, the main bassline ABL2. The lead is a patch I put together in Analog and the audio FX are a variety of mangled samples resampled.

Guest said

Damn! That was sick! :D I loved it.

Guest said

Very Cool Mate...great beats!!.. i hear a little human league...New order!

Guest said

Love that bass - fresh sounds, Sir!

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Jane Gould said

I really enjoy the drums

Guest said

Awesome mate! im getting some Astral projection mood here!

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