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It’s never too late to dream

Guest said

..sounds like a tune off the old "Sun" label in Memphis - very nice..

Guest said

I agree 100% Greg. Nice to have one , maybe one day. Think the 4 door is here to stay though! Nice playing, smoking hot guitar!

chris jarvis's avatar
chris jarvis said

Great,smashing,super.........cheers.....nice basic and authentic ....I want to play guitar like that when I get bigger !

Guest said

Nice sound, Greg! I like it! Mark

Guest said

Cool song Greg. I never had a convertible Mustang but had a blue 1967 2 door. I had it for over 10 years and it was a neat car, but like most cars of that era began to cost big bucks to keep it running like it should, to say nothing of rust. I sold it to a teenager who did some body and engine work and I'd see it around town once in awhile. Never had had the itch for a convertible, but hey, have fun! Dave Peterson, Riverton, MN

Vern and Aggie McCoy's avatar
Vern and Aggie McCoy said

Hey Vern! Have you heard what Greg is singing now? We should sell the cow and get us one of these!

Roger M. Harris's avatar
Roger M. Harris said

Got the wind in my hair Greg, All Six Strands !!! Good One

kirklynch's avatar
kirklynch said

Damn! Now I miss my old '67 Caddy convertible! Oh Well- too damn old for that stuff now anyway!

igor's avatar
igor said

Here it is, the blues; (:-blowing:-)

Guest said

Ok! Deal! It has to be red!

Ron's avatar
Ron said

You are on a roll....very nice!!! oh and tell Rita to get you one of those.

Guest said

Oh! Nice pickin! We could split the cost and share!

Guest said

Man this is a road trippers joy, A man his girl and a top down toy

Lisa D's avatar
Lisa D said

You always have such a good mix of instruments ... each one is unique but works so well with the others. Great playing all round, but I'll mention the bass specifically because it's such an important "frame". Really nice vocals too!

terrysongs's avatar
terrysongs said

Ha ha ha, Hair blowing in the wind and all the way down the road.

Guest said

Cool tune.

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