Cowboys, Sweethearts & Old Pickup Trucks

Greg Connor

C I been riding this trail for F way too C long
I Am picked up G peculiar C ways
F A short conversation G is C all that F I know
Cause I C haven’t got G too much to C say

I C remember the sweetheart that F I left C behind
Or Am maybe it was G she left C me
F Whatever the G story she was C never F unkind
She just C wanted what G I couldn’t C be

F Cowboys, G sweethearts and C old pickup trucks
The F last time you G slept in the Am rain
The F moment you G knew you had C run out of F luck
You C haven’t got nothin’ and you G never will C change

C Now I spend time in this F old pickup C truck
That the Am rain washes G clean now and C then
And I F catch myself G drifting C way back in F time
To that C open G range once C again

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slkrell said

Ahh now that’s Americana heart twisting in spades

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Robert Palomo said

Ahhh crap - now my beer is all salty!!

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Colleen Dillon said

Oh I love this one! Perfect for a big ‘ol singalong!

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Ron said

Had to put on my cowboy boots and saddle up Trigger!!! love it… country cowboy music at it’s best!

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