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Falling leaves

Greg Connor

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Minnesota Homebrew Radio Show Song Writing Challenge!

The topic for this Month is “Fall”

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Robert Palomo said

Ha! Another one discovers that you can use banjo AND squeezebox and get away with it!!

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Colleen Dillon said

Hey there! This one is a real keeper. Love the imagery of your lyrics and your banjo / harmonica just gives it a sultry sound. Love it!!!!

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Ron said

WOW!! this really has a great feel and reminds me of Tom Petty...and a little "Beatles For Sale" flavor...check out the album cover..released win the fall challenge......outstanding

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James Michael Taylor said

Great groove and lyric. This might be the best GC song I've heard. You have all your images working. A total success. Vocal, production...all fully realized.

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slkrell said

Owwwww strong bass and banjo, I am fallin for this tune

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