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Let's Have A Party (W/ Norm)

Greg Connor

Uploaded .

Featuring Norm Harris on Percussion

Norm is playing his piece:

“Groove For All Hallows”

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Mike Grunert said

Drink on!

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Roger M. Harris said

Where the Hell is the party, I'm coming !!!

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vaisvil said

well, Iceland is about half-way - I say we have an Alontone party in Reykjavík - perhaps we can get Bjork to join in!!

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terrysongs said

Partiay on

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Norm said

Ha! "Take it away, Norman!". I love it - I would have gone ballistic at that point, had I seen that one coming. How fun; now pass that Ripple my way. Many thanks!

Guest said

Ive always wanted to Party with Norm , Ill see you all at Gregs house. Rita is cooking, South American.Bethan does the Vocals and the Dishes. Can I play Bass?" Parrrrty with Norm"

Guest said

Some cool vibe you have going on here Greg. Yeah, lets have a party with Norm!

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