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Minnesota Town

Greg Connor

This is my first recording with my new Big Muddy Mandolin, made in Missouri.


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H R Music said

Well done, to say the least.

Guest said

Love it! Puts me back up north. I know so many people who would love to hear this live including me! Thanks again Greg!

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slkrell said

Log in dummy!

Zimmerman walked there for sure, He said so

Guest said

Yup I instantly saw a album cover in my mind ,don’t yah know

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Colleen Dillon said

Sweet sounding mandolin there. Another masterpiece too! Great references to Dylan… love it…. I am guessing you are wandering in Duluth!

Guest said

that mando sounds great…nice find…oh and as usual an outstanding composition….love the harmonica .you can sell yourself as a multi instrumentalist…plus vocalist and composer!!!

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Robert Palomo said

That’s a fine soundin’ mule you got there.

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