Greg Connor

Greg Connor

from the Sunny Side of the Street. . . Savage MN

About "Politics And Religion"

Caught up in the recent political events, ISIS suicide bombers and pedifiles being protected by clergy … all on the evening news.

All guitar parts performed on my hand made Kapke Archtop Guitar made by my friend Damon Kapke.

There’s a cold wind blowing
Through a crack in the wall
I just want to see the light
Don’t look good at all

It just keeps unfolding
On the evening news
Politics and religion
We eventually lose

Like lambs to the slaughter
Being led to the end
Politics and religion
Disguised as our friend

It makes me shiver
When we’re on our own
With a cold wind blowing
And we’re out there alone

And it makes me wonder
Just how this can be
Politics and religion
Why can’t anybody see

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