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Pseudo Psychology

Greg Connor

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Written for Minnesota Homebrew Radio Show’s current songwriting challenge, “write a song with two words in the title starting with P”.

The term ‘pseudo’ means ‘false’ or ‘pretend.’ Pseudo-psychology, therefore, refers to a psychological practice that is false or unfounded.

I look at you, I know what you’re thinking
I know what’s been bouncing around your head
You look around, you see your life shrinking
You wish you were more like me instead

I practice the art of pseudo psychology
I make it up as I go along
Rest assured, I’m right cause I wanna be
Even if experts say that I’m wrong, I’m never wrong

No need to tell me, you’re in a bad place
I’ll do the talking if you don’t mind
My life is perfect and chock full of grace
While you seem to founder and run around blind

Pseudo Psychology what I say is true
Pseudo Psychology I’ll prove it to you

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Colleen Dillon said

OMG!!! There is nothing better than this... I cracked up totally.. You are Never Wrong indeed!!!! Love this to pieces - an instant fav. How did you ever come with this one?

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slkrell said

Oh that’s why you are so difficult to deal with. I am just wrong How’s that working for you

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KCsGroove said

Don't think I'll lay on your couch, but I like the song :-) Enjoyed! KC

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Ron said

oh yeah I'm getting out my tie die shirt and paisley pants!! ....this reminds me of the 60's!! pseudo (psychedelic) me!!!..... love it Greg!

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Andrew Russe said

Mighty cool - and very clever - song. We've all met one when we didn't need or want to... and... er... I strongly suspect I've done it to others myself!!

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