Greg Connor

Greg Connor

from the Sunny Side of the Street. . . Savage MN

About "Sit Down Beside Me"

Performed with National Baritone Guitar, Martin D-28, Morris Mandolin and Hohner EchoHarp.

D Down at the station Em waiting for a train,
G Try to find a brand new start D leave behind the A pain
D Looking in the mirror, Em I’m a losing hand
G Never asked for nothing and I D just don’t A understand

G Sit down beside me, and D tell me what’s your name
Em I can tell that you and me are G just about the A same
G Sit down beside me, D tell me what you know
Em Till my train comes rollin’ in, G I got no place to A go

D Just a lonesome traveler Em caught up in a spin
G Wish I had a little hope, the D state that I am A in
D Please let me ask you, Em would you be so kind
G Wont you keep me company D help me ease my A mind

D It’s a hard a wind blowing Em right in my face
G Wish I had just the slightest chance of D keeping up the A pace
D All I do is sit here Em waitin for that train
G Wait a while longer D I might just go A insane.

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