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Sunshine fill my soul
Let the blues be the first to go
Sunshine can’t complain
If life shows us a little rain

Sunshine through the window
At first morning’s light
All the stars fade away
When sunshine gets so bright
When sunshine gets so bright

Afternoon comes a calling
Sunshine fills the air
I’m reminded life is good
I’m left without a care

Sunset comes with color
Give way to evening blue
I settle in for slumberin’
While taking off my shoes

Those stars have never left us
Just outshined by the Sun
They’ll be back to comfort you
When the day is done

Guest said

What a toe tapper.... I love the lyrics and tunes. You can just be the sun shine getting brighter and brighter as you sing this tune.

Ricia Rae's avatar
Ricia Rae said

Really fun song and you guitar playing is amazing :) The lyrics very uplifting ....needing that!

Andrew Russe's avatar
Andrew Russe said

Like it. I just read Colleen's comment and realised that I was bopping my head along with the tempo too! Loved that "oh yeah" at the end of the bridge.

Colleen Dillon's avatar
Colleen Dillon said

The puppies and I really like this one. I turned it on and they stopped to listen and started bopping their heads along with the upbeat tempo. Love the happy visuals!

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oldfolks2 said

ooh , a little bit of the Beatles in there to my ear , love it ......

Ron's avatar
Ron said

another winner...great chorus and I like the bridge!

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