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Woodchuck Roll

Greg Connor

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Brace yourself! This is my latest Song Challenge entry for Carl Unbehaun’s Minnesota Homebrew Radio Show: Write a song about Groundhog’s Day, a Ground Hog or Woodchuck.

Nothing better than a true story about the varmint in the yard
He’d strut around like he owned the place and I was the blowhard
I grabbed myself a fishing net and ran down that steep hill
I cornered him about half way down and began to pounce at will

I got within a foot or two of declaring victory
But then he zigged, I should have zagged, the rest is history
I tumbled with the net held out, the dang thing got away
I rolled and rolled till painfully my plan just went astray

I did the Woodchuck Roll, I did the Woodchuck Roll
Stumble and rolling down the hill, I did the Woodchuck Roll

I finally stopped just tangled up in all those raspberries
I looked up and there he was staring down at me
I saw a twinkle in his eyes as if he won the game
I laid there quite a while with excruciating pain

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Ricia Rae said

That's really fun! What a great topic for a song ha ha. Well done.

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oldfolks2 said

Good stuff ....

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Colleen Dillon said

Came back for another! Wait!!! It feels like I’ve heard this before. Woodchucks!!! (Lame groundhogs day reference) Love this song. And glad you made it without breaking something

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Ron said

too funny...great chorus!! ...... you win

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Colleen Dillon said

OMG! Hilarious!!!!! True story? Just a pigment of your imagination maybe? Woodchuck hallucinations indicate a need for MORE WINE!

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