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All My Cyber Friends

Dave Berry

(Lyrics posted below) A fun song I wrote with Kenneth from songcrafters.org. Its about having fun making music with friends from all over the world, connected by the internet and these great music sites that we all belong to.

I came in from the cold,
Smiled at the ‘puter and the screen was smiling back.
My Rotten Head was feeling Old,
With stream of consciousness for words I do not lack.
As Tharek sang his life was told,
Geir gave us all a rocking Viking one man band.
Greeny digging deep for gold,
Mark brought the vodka and we drank till we couldn’t stand.

All my cyber friends,
Are on the web tonight,
The vampire club is rocking,
No longer kids but the music’s got us feeling alright.

My best intentions are laid waste,
Promised my wife we would go out for a drive.
But Satch is shredding, Ted’s on bass,
Gritter and Kenneth lit up the West Coast sky.
Fuzz is in the corner writing lyrics,
Tony’s in the basement, 6 hours practice tonight.
64 is manning the boards,
Ferryman and Andy are lurking but not far from site.


Facemask singing like an angel,
Jim, LG, Gnasty share the solo spotlight.
High Priest Henwrench shows us the way,
Loose yourself in the music till your mind takes flight.

Tangled Wires makes it real,
Vanncad tonight is channelling Stevie Ray Vaughan.
For Redler and P-dog the land is the deal,
Leigh and Hardlock tune their Tele’s and write another song.
While FlashHarry and Cuthbert sing Bowie,
SideEffect rocks out as Blooby noodles along.
If your name’s been left out I’m sorry,
To name you all would have made this song go on too long.


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