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Savage Beauty

Dave Berry

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This song was inspired from all the snowstorms we have been having this winter, another on the way tonight…..I decided to prog it out for this one….prog-rock…..lets bring it back.

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Orphans said

great recording here...the kit is captured well - exaggerated in a great way...again that snare is sizzling - envisioning the mic(s) placement...still g moore on guitar...really great stuff...

Guest said

Great track all round. Thanks to Sister for the heads up!

Guest said

I am touched! xx But seriously, this is lovely.

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A Bit More Better Productions said

great solo dave - oooh, and love what comes next.. rocking

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Movement To Contact said

Sweet track dave, good ole, prog....i could go from some prog and beans tonight for dinner. Nice vox with the music.

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Wildgeas Music said

Rock and Roll!!

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kirklynch said

Long live Prog Man! Love that section around 4 minutes. Thanks for listening as well!

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igor said

The voice, yes, perhaps, and courage, too - I like, really. P.S. Few vintage reverb - and then ... (huh?)

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thetworegs said

Stay in Dave by the fire, its too cold out there. Lets hope the snow doesn't get guitar height because that would be real savage, keep stamping it down and stay home and keep the music flowing...

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Farfetched Tangmo Band said

Some people say prog is pompous, self-absorbed, and overblown. Duh. That's kinda the point, idnit? Hugely enjoyed.

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Norm said

You must have been hammered with snow! Nice work Dave!

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