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My light-hearted take on a serious issue.
Over- prescription of powerful and addictive drugs, and the unknown and (to some) worrying relationship between doctors and the drug companies.
Disclaimer: Dr. Kreviss is a fictional character, and any resemblance or offense caused to any actual Dr. Kreviss, whether living or deceased, is purely unintentional. Haha
Thanks for listening : )

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doktordoktor said

Thanks James : )

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James Michael Taylor said

Cool. Dig the irreverence. Smart ass attitude!

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doktordoktor said

Thanks Anna/Memphis : )

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anna31 said

patient patients..... like it !

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Newbold said

the careful pill taking is all about these new pills that makes one careful from the beginning.

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stoman said

Nice! :)

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Ed Craig said

Thanks for the nice comments doktordoktor - I don't use fx because I don't know how to. Or how to do anything recording wise to be honest - I'm learning. Your stuff sounds so much more polished than mine. Keep it up and thanks again!

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doktordoktor said

Thanks Colleen : )

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Colleen Dillon said

Great soundtrack for an acid trip!!! This is cool stuff

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doktordoktor said

Thanks Greg. i will try to be original and not too predictable with the music!

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Greg Connor said

Very Refreshing. I wasn't expecting this, it's good fun.

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doktordoktor said

Thanks Tom. I'm flattered buddy'!

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Tom Browning said

It's like Syd Barrett joined Guns N' Roses for a day to rewrite (and sing) their song "Coma." Cool stuff!

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