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glu and Sudara pop you one new skool. Their second collaboration. The first was ‘back to the cold’.

Remix it! The source Ableton and audio files are available for download and experimentation. See here

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rewind said

This is real nice piece of work. I'd quite like to remix it, though I have no clue when I'll ever have time

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another cultural landslide said

The remixes are excellent (& fun), but this original is just plain wonderful. Period.

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J dY Stamp said


Guest said

Double your pleasure ;) Fantastic bro's!

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jase said

man this is great! great drums and build up and break downs... solid.

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A Bit More Better Productions said

liking this muchly.. great vocal, and the backing has some interesting touches. chipper!

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atomicskunk said

I like this! Nicely done fellas.....

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glu said

check out Sudara and glu's collab. I especially like Su's vocals in this tune. We spent a week or two shooting the track back and forth until we were satisfied enough with the mix.

Guest said

Dreamy arrangement of a haunting song. Nicely done!

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