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a Round & Bach Again


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A simple 3-part “round” or canon with variations, showing my children how you can devise a melody that can stack on top of itself like offset puzzle pieces, which will then make its own harmony (with a nod to the master of rounds and fugues, J. S. “LoopMeister” Bach.) And because rounds get boring very quickly, the players get silly at the end and begin to give the tune a set of jazzy variations. And as always, the title of this piece is smirky wordplay, a really bad hobbit of mine.

This third (and final) version has been varied and extended even more, the instruments are a little better balanced, and the piano gets to help with the ending too.

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richardlaceves said

fun piece

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J dY Stamp said

Wonderful, contrapuntal!

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Lalo Oceja said

oh yeah, the earthquake was a bit strong, I was working sitting in front of my computer when some books fell down and I got scared but nothing bad happened, we are ok, this earthquake had its epicenter in my town!. Thanks for careing... by the way, everytime I hear "a Round & Bach Again" I think again that is just great!

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heathermarie said

Thanks for the comment (re: muffled & treble boost) - I definitely do not know what I am doing with recording yet :) The piano in this piece definitely sparkles! Lovely playing and composition.

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jennifer said

Nicely done!

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J dY Stamp said

I love polyphony!

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Coeur Machant said

You tease!

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another cultural landslide said

What a wonderful piece of music!

Guest said

Oh I like! Raindrops to begin with and then snow!

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