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Lullaby for the Inner Child


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“As we grow up, we always carry our inner child with us. Wonder and curiosity… there are so many things the child sees. However, this is a view from above. We are now adults with good and bad experiences of life, looking inward. It is time to revisit our inner child, with some regret and some hopeful wishes. Please slow down. Listen to everything. See the music through the eyes of your inner child.”

I wanted to write a slow, gentle and soft lullaby for this inner child. After hearing the older instrumental version of this, Lena Panfilova offered to write lyrics and sing over it with her sister Irina, in Russian! And they soon came up with a stunningly beautiful melody and poetic lyrics for this music, and sent me the vocal tracks. I then worked on the mix to integrate their singing, hopefully to everyone’s satisfaction. I sped the original music up a bit, reduced the volume on the original instrumental melody track to give space for their singing, and did serious EQ changes to accommodate their wide vocal range on the music. I hope you enjoy our collaborative offering.

Music written by Eduard, singing by Lena&Irina, lyrics by Lena&Irina, final mixing by Eduard, artwork by Eduard

Many many thanks to Lena for patiently listening to mix after mix, and helping me showcase and capture the clarity and nuance of their Russian singing.

You can find other wonderful music by Lena and Irina here.

Russian Lyrics:
Russian Lyrics

English Translation:
There… there the sweet smells of our childhood float by
There… there the garden blossoms
There… the lights sparkle across our carefree years

…Dawn brings the soft pink light…
There… there is no dark deceit

There… our soul is unburdened
There… our world’s at peace

There… the sails of our dreams catch the wind
And carry us away again
Bravely crossing swells
With a peaceful confidence

There is no sadness
There is no dark deceit

There… the carnival of colors
There… the home port of our soul

There… the wind gently rocks the cradle of our dreams
There… our favorite toy comes to play with us
There… the lilac sunset glows
The sweet aroma of vanilla beckons
Water splashes playfully from the fountain
And the fresh dew dazzles our eyes
There is no limit to our dreams
The brilliant sunshine stretches out forever

There is grandmother’s soft ball of yarn
The wool still holds the warmth of her hands
After so many years, the yarn is still perfect
Tying us to the past forever

Once again I go back there… and close the door behind me
I go back there… and close the door behind me.

Music copyright 2009 by Eduard Schwan & Lena & Irina Panfilova
Lyrics copyright 2009 by Lena & Irina Panfilova
English translation copyright 2009 by Eduard Schwan

Software: Harmony Assistant, GarageBand, Ableton Live
Hardware: Macs in California and Italy

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Matt Grigsby said

Really enjoy your tracks!

Guest said

tres beau

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Lalo Oceja said

Hi!!! I just wanted to say Hi!!!

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igor said

Hmm... Good/Kharasho. Robin Guthrie is missed here to become a shadow of Cocteau Twins

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Johnny Stone said

Wow this is great mate beautiful.

Guest said

Stunningly beautiful, Eduard, and Lena and Irina have produced a most sensitive song. Great work, all round.

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Wildgeas Music said


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Lalo Oceja said

WOW... I was completly satisfied.. thanks Eduard

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kirklynch said

What a wonderful collab! Great job on the mixing too

Guest said

Oh my, heart-melting collab!

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