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A song about an epic boardgame:


Do you mean to tell me,
It’s 3000 BC?
And I have nothing here but one piece to play?

They’re multiplyin’
Population risin’
And then they come together to form a new city


My civilization is expanding far and wide
I’ve got to keep collecting Ochre and Hides
I buy advances meant to foster civic pride
Then crush all others in my way

Got Architecture
And Agriculture
I got a little bit of Drama and Poetry

I want Philosophy
And possibly Democracy
For now I’m makin’ do with just Astronomy


I’m comin’ into conflict with you
Your metalworking power means I’m screwed
To think about it almost makes me sick
I wasted money purchasing music

How ’bout calamity
Maybe flood or Piracy
Perhaps iconoclasm and Heresy?

You’ll get no cloth now
Hafta settle for salt now
And you can’t trade me that volcano or earthquake

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Sandy Gritt said

yessssss!!!! kickin' some gamers' ass!

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