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Mischief Of Dean

Uploaded .

Oh hai. This is Bryce!

I have a cold today, but on the brightside I conjured up a song!

Yes :3 I do realize the vocals are a tad quiet; I apologize for this! The next song will be better. I promise you that.

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Mischief Of Dean said

I lack the knowledge of Robyn Hitchcock? I do not know who he is. I'll take it as a compliment though. . . I've been trying to work on my vocals; to make them better. That's why I haven't really put anything up. Hopefully I can start pumping out some good songs.

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cuthbert said

Back for another listen. I also hear a bit of Robyn Hitchcock, and some Marc Bolan influence in the vocals, too - love the dynamics. This is a good direction!

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Philip Abernethy said

really nice vocals, to answer your question my lovely friend Rose made it for me

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Letter Seventeen said

Has anyone ever told you that you sound like Robyn Hitchcock? Cool stuff!

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cuthbert said

Nicely done, Bryce! I like the syncopation and your vocals fit perfectly.

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Under Wildlife said

Nice one dude

Guest said

I love this Bryce. -Bridgette :)

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Mischief Of Dean said

n_n thank you! Music is beautiful and creative. The titles of my music will represent the fun I have with it. :3

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thetworegs said

no nonsense at all Bryce welcome aboard enjoyed it..........

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