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From Clare To Here


This is a Ralph Mctell song , a very underated British singer / songwriter , probably famous for one song , The Streets of London , but in fact wrote many great songs , he wrote this while working on a building site before he was signed by a record label, telling of the loneliness of his fellow irish workmates

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Lady Jane said

Beautiful x

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kirklynch said

Great job! I’ve heard that song for years and never new it was one of McTell’s

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Tiggy Acworth said

Great songs!

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James Michael Taylor said

Immediately drawn by the vocal sound on this. So full and resonant. Still can understand the lyric. Like the first person thing you do.

Guest said

I used to sing this when I lived in Dublin-Your version is better :)


Guest said

Very well done,great tune.

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Andrew Russe said

Lovely track. Simple recording beautifully done.

Guest said

What a tonic! Gentle, intimate, peaceful…

Mix is also outstanding (IMVHO).

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stoman said

I must admit that I don’t know any of McTell’s songs except “Beautiful Dreamer” and “Streets Of London”. But I don’t think the original version of this song can be much better than yours. :)

Very well done again, Rob. Although I’d prefer to hear you sing more original songs as those I’ve had the pleasure to listen to were awesome.


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crackitopen said


Guest said

Oh my! What a cover! This is wonderful. Ralph McTell
is a huge favouite of mine.
I love your voice, my you’re folky. Perfect guitar too!

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chesook said

What a pretty song! I’m guessing you are meaning the Clare in Ireland. I actually spend a few years in Clare, Australia. The song works well for there too. I enjoyed this a lot.

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