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Social Distance

Gary Fox

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C.S. Lewis once wrote about the concept of “out of simple evil comes complex good.” These are trying times, an understatement if there ever was one. As you read this, you have uncertainties and fears for what our current situation means for right now, next month, next year, etc.

Everything is upended, and getting worse, and will for a bit, despite our hopes otherwise. However, take heart, for there is much good here, and in us. If you think about why we are doing this, it is for those that otherwise would have not have survived. You are sacrificing for the sake of millions of people you will never meet. You are being tested, and you are rising above.

Courage isn’t not being afraid, it’s being afraid and still doing something despite the fear. And the best part is this: You can think about all the concerned persons doing what you’re doing, persons you have never seen before, and realize that they are also doing this to help keep people they have never met safe. You can tell a lot about a person based on how they treat someone who can do nothing for them. These days stand in stark contrast to the growing rift between us as a country over the last decade, and longer. Take heart, my friends, take heart. We are those good persons we always hoped we would be. Much love to you all…

As for music, let us make something good out of this. This song came out of a lark; I had remarked on a friend’s FB page that social distance never felt so close and even tossed out a brief ode in a video clip to the expression. He thought it actually held promise as a genuine song, so I set about to seeing if I could transform it into one. Turns out he was right.

At the end of all of this; this song is just something to lift us up. We’re all alone, together. We’re in it, together. Take heart.

“Social Distance”… I hope you enjoy it.

Much love to you,


Guest said

Nice work as always Gary! -Nate Laban

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Colleen Dillon said

Gary your words of introduction touched my heart, and then the wonderful song... WOW! Thanks so much for this. It totally made my day... Awesome things: the power of words and the power of music

JR James's avatar
JR James said

instant classic:) so awesome ...needs to be heavily commercialized, music video etc...

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Andrew Russe said

Love it

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