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dine inside my mind


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done in 2006. simple, keeping the objective of ‘spaces’ throughout the recording.

certainly not the most endearing song, but i like parts of it.

this song, among a few others (thisisntsomthingyoucancatch) were songs that i lost all my un-bounced versions of back in 2007, a sad sad experience to say the least.

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am/fm dreams said


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mmi said

you say not the most endearing song but it really grabbed me

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k00 said

wow... haunting. my favourite!

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Whales said


Guest said

wow this is so massive and awesome!!!!

Guest said

Nice guitar and vocal work Ghost! Faved:)

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quill said

The different directions you go with this - and the transitions from one to the next - are really interesting. It's like you take the tune apart from the inside out, as you develop it. I love the sounds.

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Mannequin Races said

Great stuff. This reminds me of music I listened to as a teenager and I enjoy it a lot. Love it when it picks up a notch at the 0:49 mark. Sounds great in mono BTW. Excellent production and mixing. Well done! Thanks for your recent comment on my song Tuba Man.

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Johnny Stone said

Nice one mate dig it.

Guest said

Spooky, kooky and fresh.

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kirklynch said

Very Cool- Love that line on the fuzzed out guitar and the layered vocals

Guest said

Cool Tune.

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Goblin mA.I.sta said

Pretty cool as usualy Ghost. Keep it up bro.

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