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Little England (Busy Mix)


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Glu and Sister Savage bring you these remixes!

Original track by Sister Savage:

I added melodies to the initial track and then Sister Savage
rerecorded the vocals to match the new melody.

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Sister Savage said

I'm still very proud of these remixes - time has flown. Sincerely hope you're making music somewhere, glubot.

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K. SCOT SPARKS 79+intercessions said


Guest said


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rewind said

So gooooood.

Guest said

Have I told you lately that I love this?

Guest said

Lovely vibe to this one, glu's style really suits your voice. Or vice versa!

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anthony77 said

I enjoyed being surprised in this song... definitely some good stuff here. And the sultry voice is great too!

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The Culprits said

Great take on this song, keeps the feel of the original with a new and interesting flavour!

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jefwashere said

I want more sister savage/GLU collab-sturbation.

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jefwashere said

I'm with everyone else, this is the best version! nice collaboration!!

Guest said

This rocks dude!

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glu said

yeah, busy mix ftw! It was so much fun watching this come together. Sister Savage's new vocal take was really inspiring.

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kirklynch said

These are all very cool, but this is my fav of them all

Guest said

Lovely stuff

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