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Crispy Beats (Nu Rave Mix)

Groove Penguin

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This track took a bit longer than expected to complete, however it’s been one of our favorites in a while. It all started on night after leaving gig and we’d needed a little something to spice it up on the dance floor. Hence, we began something that would be unique to our DJ sets. It all started for John going banana on a high hat track ad then it all took off from there, including me busting out some 15 years old school synths to give it some rave flavor.

This is the final version I plan to upload. Time to move onto a new project - engineering a techno / tech house track. Gotta keep things interesting!

Enjoy the final mix & master of Crispy Beats. Lot of great comments and totally appreciate that from everyone. More tunes on the way :-)

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A Bit More Better Productions said

enjoyed that.. cheers chaps

Guest said

Crispy AND hot, I see! Great energy and drive.

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Fathom 6 said

Good energy, look forward to hearing more :)

Guest said

Fun track! Look forward ro final version

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