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Lunar Landing (Ambient Mix)

Groove Penguin

Uploaded .

NOTE: I accidentally uploaded a mix down that didn’t include any of the keys and about 5 additional channels. Oops! “should” sound a little better now. Mixed it down a little better, so hope you get a chance to hear what I think is a better version.

Had a dream that ended with a walk on the moon. This is pretty much what was heard in ye ole head. Space wonk. Plan to use this to close out the night and send everyone home on a slow night.

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Fathom 6 said

cool track

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Double Vision Games said

I kind of love this. Lots of eccentric decisions. Really well produced as well. Who's your mastering guy/girl?

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Djörk said

good stuff :)

Guest said

Super cool! Keep them coming, please!

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