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This is a love song for Idaho. Funny thing is I’ve never even been to Idaho, but I dreamed the chorus and the happy little riff some years ago, and it’s stuck with me ever since. So, I filled it in with some verses and an outro that capture the feel of the dream.

Here are the lyrics:

She loves her green grass
And her rolling hills
She got the open road
She got the dry goods store

I love you so
I love you

She’s in the mountains
She’s in the streams
She got singing birds
She got dreams


She’s in your heart
She’s in the land
She gives all she got
She loves everything


She loves her ripped t-shirts
And those stone-washed jeans
She loves the drive-in movies
And those boys and girls


She was a rodeo clown
When I was falling down
Got em off my back
Lightning whip and crack


Riding on the ground
Sun going down
Storm’s coming fast
So we hit the gas

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thetworegs said

I think I love Idaho too and I’ve never been either

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Andrew Russe said

Oh yes, nice one. Love that second verse "She’s in the mountains, She’s in the streams, She got singing birds, She got dreams..." ... yeah.

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