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Here’s a song I did today. It’s fun, not perfect, but I’m digging some of the lyrics and the simple intro / bridge, and especially the outro. Maybe I’ll do a better version later, but I’m happy with it for now.

You thought it could be simple
You hoped it would be fine
When you took the path long travelled
You took took it down the line
You know everything unravels,
But you were bold
In the spotlight

Cause you’re a musician
And you’re living on the road
You’re a musician
The highway takes a toll
The tour bus is rolling
You’ll be home in a week or two
Sure, you can keep it together
A glass of wine
When you are blue

You still hope to make it simple
Maybe it’s fine
The music still plays sweetly,
Well at least it does sometimes
But you’ve been gone a long long time,
Another whiskey
To pass the time

Cause you’re a musician
You’ve been living on the road
You’re a musician
Will you implode or explode
Tour bus is still rolling
Be home home in a month or two
It’s cold
You’re in the spotlight

Finally life is simple
Maybe it’s not fine
You stepped out of the spotlight
Or did it just grow dim
But the music is young again
You play your heart and soul
Into the night

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Andrew Russe said

Love the lyrics. I was thinking like this the other day - not specifically for or about me - but I was explaining what Jimi Hendrix's Highway Chile meant to me when I was young (to my wife, she was just nodding, so I'm guessing it was one of those "uh-oh, Andrew's talking about music/musicians again, better nod my head" moments!). And then I was wondering about Neil Peart and how he used to write about stuff like this... and then I wonder how... etc... etc... IN my case, I deliberately stepped out of the spotlight before it got that bright - I miss it but not what it costs... and yep, years later, the music got young again... did I say love the lyrics?

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