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Tout d'travers, tout à l'envers

Pat Bondy

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Continuing with the kitchen party kind of theme: this is a very old and very catchy French folk song. I learned it from a recording by Marcel Bénéteau, who did a really nice a capella version. I’ve added a few chords and a little spoons to it. Lyrics and chords follow. Each line gets used twice: once at the end of a verse, then again at the beginning of the next verse.

I found it very challenging trying to keep the melody straight for this one, and the timing was admittedly tough. But I think I’ll be satisfied with this for now – it’s likely as good a recording as I’m going to get!

Mon papa m’a marié
C#m G#m
Tout d’travers, tout à l’envers
G#m B G#m
Avec un mari si petit
B G#m
Tout d’travers, tout à l’envers,
Jamais d’plaisir.

Avec un mari si petit

Première nuit j’couche avec lui

Dedans mon lit je l’ai perdu

J’ai pris les draps, j’les ai s’coués

J’ai pris une match, j’ai mis le feu

Mon mari a sorti rôti

Dans un gros plat blanc je l’ai mis

Un gros chat gris est v’nu le qu’ri’

Gros chat, gros chat, tu y es maudit

T’emportes mon mari tout rôti

Et si jamais je m’y r’marie
Tout d’travers, tout à l’envers
J’en prendrai un d’six pieds et d’mie
Pas d’travers, ni de l’envers,
J’aurai du plaisir.

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Wayne Webster said

Had a French teacher in high school who used to play a lot of French folk songs for us, and for me that was the very best part of the class! This song takes me back to that time.

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