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There was a time, when I stood in one place, and time, space, and place… stretched in all directions, and could be walked, or traveled. Returning to here I found, getting on with it, was completely different. After enlightenment, there is the laundry. Glimpses of beyond, are they a curse, or divine?

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Tharek Ali Mokbul said

A Fine example of how a Vocal and a Lyric really make a track..!! The Images You create with your words are Vivid and Strike deep! Amazing the way the Vocal floats on top off the bass drone.... A real dreamy feel... Superb Performance! And again...Profound...

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kirklynch said

Love the lyrics! Great stuff!

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xenotolerance said

Very chill, very nice. I like it.

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launched said

Killer vox, and the B3(?) sound is dynamite! Cool tune!

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