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Life Is A Play


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28 Hi guys, just a little shameless self promotion. we’ve changed our name to Rox. We’re on being played live (based on large numbers of hits) We can continue being played for free if we continue getting people looking for us. So, if you could and if you would…. check us out there? jango is fun anyway, great way to listen to music and create your own radio station.Thanks all! And, we can sell our music there, which would be really nice, because then we could spend more time making it! And, “Life Is A Play”….. Get up and sing out loud.
………….Life Is A Play…………….
Follow your blind godlings
Pride leading rage and despair
Reigning hell down a bitter trail
I won’t be there
How can you live forever
If you never live at all
How can you be what you’re meant to be
If you’re trapped up and alone

The worlds outside it’s waiting
Airs fresh and clean
Sun shines clear and bright
You only see rain
Follow the eastern sunrise
Follow the west sunset
There’s so much to see in between
You ain’t seen yet

I know there’s gonna be changes
Like waves crash on the shore
You can’t stop the tide that runs
And ya, can’t make it more
How can you see tomorrow
With eyes tied shut today
Open up and greet this world
You can’t fear and embrace

I got this dream of you on the beach
Dancing wild and free
Not a care in the world on your shoulders
And you’re singing to me
I can see all the stars in the sky
Each one knows my name
I hear them callin when I lay down
and I know them the same

Pick up your ball and chains
and throw them away
You can take the chains from your neck
You made them anyway
You make them anyway
No need to carry these burdens
It’s only a play
It’s only a play
All the worlds a stage the man said
And life is a play
life is a play
life is a play
Get up, get out of your seats
And sing out loud
We’ll see if the fire still burns in you
Or if your fires gone out
Dance with me
Dance with me
Dance with me
Dance with me
Dance with me
Dance with me
Dance with me

Guest said

*goes to Jango* Good luck with it!

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kirklynch said

Nice one man!

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