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Pearl Six (to be true to)

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To be true to yourself - how is it? True to the sound that you retrieved from the instrument, to give [share] it away to others (to whom? you’ll never know)? True to the mood that you’re trying to follow, and which changes before you realize what it was about? True to The Truth, to which you aspire and can not reach?

To follow the movement of the soul that you feel but can not express, you just know it’s yours..?

For Mr. Sudara Williams, who’s still true to his and to our sound.

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thetworegs said

I love all these pearl but I believe this one loves me best.......

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richardlaceves said

agree with Kirk and Nosda,, wonderful articulation and mood,,,, from my listen i can see that you had a lot of fun in the playing,, r

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Nosda Cariad said

Excellent articulation. And gives a lot of sense to the title.

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igor said

Sometimes the mood is like water in a creek, flowing, changing, and no one knows where it lead... (to Kirk:)

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kirklynch said

So many moods inside of two minutes! Wonderful!