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The time is right.

She creeps along the forest edge,
she says the light of day is too bright
so she waits, in anticipation
for the night to begin…

‘Where do we start’ said the boy -
beginning the race against time
he accelerates, then he slows down
in certainties and doubts

they’ve been
waiting, for so long
waiting, for long
when will they know
the time is right?

They’ve been
waiting for so long
waiting for so long,
Oooh, the anticipation …

He is held tight against the
edge of the night -
fearing he has lost her,
in the dark

but then,
he see’s her moving,
closer to him
he reaches out, and takes her
and pulls her in
to say,

i’ve been …
waiting for so long,
waiting for so long
when will they know,
the time is right.

They’ve been
waiting for so long
waiting for so long,
Oooh, the anticipation.

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plamy said

Dreamlike and unusual – good stuff!

Guest said

I love it too. Full of phantoms

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thetworegs said

Love it

Guest said

Stunning vocal effects. You certainly have a most unusual style. Nice percussion. I really like this.

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Brett Warren said

I like how your voices seem to intertwine with the rhythm, almost dancing around it. Lots of sensual movement to this song.

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