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Essentially a protest collection…(I had to leave off my version of Steppenwolf’s AMERICA on account of copy right stuff.)

Some days I romanticize about the old days when the toilets were a stinking mess and the coffee was whatever and the showers were more likely to make things worse but I wouldn’t want to kick out the Starbucks and Home Depot and Waste Management that have made this place such a sanitized escape from the stresses of real life. I never thot I’d be saying this but the government is actually running this folk festival more efficiently than the hodge podge of hippies and folkies that used to be in charge. It gives us all a chance to get things off our chest so we can go back to work securing the peace in a dangerous world without letting our convictions get us into trouble.

I want to thank the Ministry of Protest for commissioning and overseeing the writing and production of the songs on this CD.