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HAPPY (unplugged) 012112 - STRICKEN

James Michael Taylor

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Just thinking about Happiness. Thinking about how she said she was leaving because she wanted to be happy.

HAPPY Key - C walking down…

Happy is the anvil as the hammer strikes the blade
A fleeting spark that fades as the memory is made
Happy is the spark when the hammer strikes the steel
Before the spit has sizzled into a vapor trail
And happy is the planner, “Someday…”
(And happy is the guitar never locked up in it’s case.)

Happy is the close up, on a scene
When you pull the camera back reality is mean.
Happy is that instant before the dawn of grief
Captured in a memory, a moment in relief
Happy is forgetting ninety nine percent
(Holding to the moment, no matter where it went)

Happy is an instant remembered as a time
Captured in a moment and sealed within a rhyme
Happiness, a flashbulb splashed upon our face
That blinds us to the context, confusing time and place
Happiness is deadly when we bow before it’s thrown
(Dressed up as an apple but it’s really an unknown)

You said you wanted happiness as tho it was a state
To be independent as tho there’s such a place
When lies tell lies to lies it’s easy to get lost
Collateral damage is the cost
Happy is the battle, before the blood is drawn
(Lost there in the struggle with the will to carry on)

Happy is the snap shot between the light and dark
Revealing as a sunrise on a carnival park
Happiness as passing as a Ferris Wheel view
The future in the distance and holding hands with you
Happiness is vital, but happiness is fruit
(Without the tree of knowledge happiness is moot)

(C) 2012 Royal T Music

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James Michael Taylor said

Wow. Phil Hennen

Guest said

Very well done, as always, sir.

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James Michael Taylor said

Words come from you like an underground spring , constantly flowing . Karen Lee

Guest said

Very Poignant yet hopeful. The essence of poetry. Very nice. Bruce from Wisconsin

Guest said

High art...magnificent....mellow and to the core of thought and heart...a master working at his best....the efforts it takes to reach this place are extreme ....not for the faint hearted to attempt such a creation....thank you James....Regards from the Irish ....Matt

Guest said

Pure poetry, sung! And I love the clarinet (?) with the strings. Beautiful sound!

Guest said

How beautiful this is! It isn't easy to describe happiness in a way that rings true.. but these lyrics DO in an unforgettable way.

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igor said

Here is the rare chance to listen to JMT who thinking about ~Happiness~

Guest said

Beautiful guitar and arrangement. Maybe happiness is accepting reality and doing the best you can with it, but I wouldn't know for sure, cause I haven't reached that point, either.

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J dY Stamp said

Love lyrics!

Guest said

Beautifully heartfelt lyrics and haunting it.

Guest said

Beautiful, dark, thoughtful. Your imagery staggers my imagination.

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terrysongs said

ah, the poet visits the night

Guest said

Lovely song james .tres emotionnel!

Guest said

What incredible lyrics. You must be RaByn's Dad! My word, that's beautiful!

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