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Well, some folks got big noses
Some folks got big ass
Some folks stand out in the aisle
Make it hard to pass
Some folks got money
They say, “That’s just how it goes.”
B7 A
They make it hard for folks like me
Am Em
To keep from steppin’ on some toes

Some folks got big old cars
They drive them all around
Million-dollar mansions
A hundred miles from town
Some folks, they got daughters
They think they smell like a rose
They make it hard for folks like me
To keep from steppin’ on some toes

Well, it’s easy to look happy
Put a smile upon your face
Wiping all the tears away
Never leave a trace
Some folks say they want the truth
I don’t think they do
B7 A Am
Everybody knows, you tell the truth
You start steppin’ on some toes.

Rich boy go to Harvard
Poor boy goes to war
Keep the world safe for rich man’s daughter
That’s what he’s for
He’s Cannon fodder
They say, “Well, that’s just how it goes.”

Makes it hard for folks like me
To keep from steppin’ on some toes
Makes it hard for folks with big feet
From steppin’ on some toes.

© 2015 Royal T Music

Greg Connor's avatar
Greg Connor said

Wow! That's a powerful song! Good lyrics too.

doktordoktor's avatar
doktordoktor said

James, love this! Neil Young sound to it, and great, funny lyrics.

James Michael Taylor's avatar
James Michael Taylor said

Morgan Lindley said - That is awesome. Next time you see me I'll be playing that song. I'm stoked you have a tab for it

Ghost of John Murphy's avatar
Ghost of John Murphy said

nice alt version although i still like the original version best

Guest said

Go get-um Jim.

Guest said

Bet u had fun doin this james..rockin like fuuuuuck!!!

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