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Cosmic Mystery

JR James

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This was a collab between my old friend Joe and I from a couple years ago. I recorded the basic track and sent it to him so he could play the main melody/ guitar solo over it. I took the ending of the guitar solo section and reversed it to give it a spacey Hendrix vibe and it turned out great much to my friends surprise! He loved it.

Joe Jackson - Lead guitar
James R. - Guitar andBass
Jamstix drum program
Mixed and mastered by JAmes R

James Michael Taylor's avatar
James Michael Taylor said

LUSH and Sunny. Just what I need on this dreary day in COWTOWN.

Guest said

Beautiful Song!! I love the backwards are masterful recording!!

Guest said

Good job .... I really want you to collaborate with one of my songs ... I'll let you know ...

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Andrew Russe said

That's cool. The reversed solo at the end works really well.

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