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Guest said

This piece is beautiful, other-worldly, and dreamy. I loved it. The combination of piano with electronic embellishments added interest.

Guest said

such a kick ass start with ambient cord changing pads...nice! Faved:)

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richardlaceves said

very nice, fine playing, really great what you have added to the piano score

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Richard Hardrick said

I really love this MASTER PIECE!!!

Guest said

Damn I love this song. Its been in my head the whole morning.

Guest said

wow! so beautiful!!!! I just got goose bumps! Fantastic work and piano playing.

Guest said

To V Gorlye - Thanks for that! Then you can tell me if I sound even vaguely like I'm singing the right words! Please let me know - I had to trust the composer and have never spoken a word of Russian in my life! Tess x

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Katie Hathaway said

i like how everything fits together in this

Guest said

This is gorgeous.

Guest said

c'est trés beau

Guest said

I love this song :DD EXCELLENT!

Guest said


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