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Another one jip1965 sent to me for playing with! Silent and magical Calming and practical Moonbeams, silver moonbeams Filtering through the air Twinkling in our hair Moonbeams, silver moonbeams Dancing on the leaves of trees Shaking…read more
Hear it in context of the Kadodka album
Instrumental Acoustic Guitar. Written in 2010 for the wedding of a very good friend of mine, Jason. It was the processional, playing while the wedding crew walked down the aisle. Played it with montgomeru (who also wrote the recessional…read more
Album track
Another up beat song, nice and jolly, just wave guys!
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I do three things after waking up these days: I shower. I make coffee. I play this song and drink my coffee. Nothing complicated. Nothing fancy. Just some basic fingerpicking to test my motor skills and bring some aural sunshine into my day.
From Korea: "Fever" from "Dr. Mario"
Music music music, making music all day is wonderful, even if the result is mediocre (-:
Here's an instrumental track I put together a while ago, bit of a rough around the edges demo, but you get the idea!


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