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Instrumental Acoustic Guitar.

Written in 2010 for the wedding of a very good friend of mine, Jason. It was the processional, playing while the wedding crew walked down the aisle. Played it with montgomeru (who also wrote the recessional)

I was also a best man — so I had to play this, then quickly sneak down into place next to the groom right after.

I took a break from playing guitar shortly after this to focus on piano. I had been playing guitar for 15 years and felt like things were on repeat and I wasn’t progressing much or very passionate about it. So now, one year later, I’ve picked up the guitar again and I’m trying to re-learn all these songs :)

Guest said

♡♡♡ it!

Guest said

for hearing in a rainy day

Guest said

Rain is falling in my hometown and your music matches perfect!cheers friom brazil!

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Guest said

Wheel in the Sky!

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Wow! Nice, so clean.

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igor said

~ So now, After the years, I took the guitar to, as of old, Play nice and simple. The procession ... ~

Guest said

Truly, a sensational post. I was totally captivated.

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thetworegs said

A wonderful piece......

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Norm said

3/4 is perfect for a processional!

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jhcibils said

very nice, it's a bit melancholic...

Guest said

Ah super sweet! Have been hoping you would upload this. Perfect piece for the moment.

Guest said

I am pleased you have returned, Great tecnique, strong rhythm sense

Guest said

beautiful. sounds like you

Guest said

Good one.

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Djörk said


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another cultural landslide said

Absolutely beautiful!!!! w;-)

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mmi said

Welcome back! Beautiful piece!

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Movement To Contact said

Very nice! Reminds me of taking a good evening walk around the lake. Welcome back to the land of guitar :)

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kirklynch said

Right up my alley. Beautiful stuff there!

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Breaking Light said

Interesting, very plaintive, minor key for a wedding march, but beautiful. Nice to hear of your return to guitar.

Guest said

Ah, so pretty. Quite a haunting melody with a medieval touch.

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