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morning coffee


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I do three things after waking up these days: I shower. I make coffee. I play this song and drink my coffee.

Nothing complicated. Nothing fancy. Just some basic fingerpicking to test my motor skills and bring some aural sunshine into my day.

Guest said

great composition!oh when will I learn to fingerpick

Klarion's avatar
Klarion said

if I had my morning coffee somewhere in the mid-West or in a country town where the trucks don't make sooo much noise... that would be nice :)

BraedenVMusic's avatar
BraedenVMusic said

this song just sounds beautiful

iconoclast's avatar
iconoclast said

aural sunshine and coffee are essential to any day!

Tim Bond's avatar
Tim Bond said

Absolutely beautiful.

henky's avatar
henky said

this is magic! it's just like an easy cup of black in the morning with rusted up eyes!

Crystal Dawn's avatar
Crystal Dawn said

This is exactly how my morning coffee makes me feel!! Nice tones on la guitarra.

Emotional Evolution's avatar
Emotional Evolution said

love this!!

Benjamin Wuamett's avatar
Benjamin Wuamett said

its great.

Guest said

"the old "Apple blossoms and chapel Bells" theme, but with a nice twist at the end... G-M

Coeur Machant's avatar
Coeur Machant said

Very present.

Guest said

Great playing - great tune. Gave me a much needed lift this morning...rather like caffeine... :-)

Don Blackburn's avatar
Don Blackburn said

Funny I am sipping my coffee this morning listening to your song and I must say it it is very fitting for the moment. This song definitely has a nice rich blend and doesn't have any of those fake flavors . A perfect cup.

Jeff Archer's avatar
Jeff Archer said

Great Playing Style! Now I want to make some coffee!!!!


Wow. This is really great. Just beautiful.

drakonis's avatar
drakonis said

Nothing like a great cup of fresh-ground coffee... but then, there's nothing quite like this bit of warmth sparkling off your fingertips... gorgeous little bit of music, wonderfully played.

Oh My Goodness's avatar
Oh My Goodness said

here's what i thought as soon as i listened to this: "Sudara, you are such a sweetheart."

MusicManiac 's avatar
MusicManiac said

Very nice one.. I am actually using this track everyday when I drink coffee in the morning...

Scott Carmichael's avatar
Scott Carmichael said

I love this kind of guitar work... sounds like morning coffee to me... deft playing and recorded quite well

Guest said

how pleasent!!

jeremy's avatar
jeremy said

harvey sent this to me today. your coffee smells like jorma kaukonen's better days. lovely.

OHHO's avatar
OHHO said


A Bit More Better Productions's avatar
A Bit More Better Productions said

awesome track. absolutely loved it. Am definitely with the others on this one! Also happened to capture my mood perfectly this morning

childhoodsend's avatar
childhoodsend said

very nice and beautiful.

kavin.'s avatar
kavin. said

Oh yeah, love this one.

brando's avatar
brando said


another cultural landslide's avatar
another cultural landslide said

This is magical! LOVE IT!

hills's avatar
hills said

beautiful. I'm ready for tomorrow morning's coffee tonight.

glu's avatar
glu said

ah yeah! my coffee stream still has a little blood in it! This will be my new morning coffee tune. Enjoy the new mic!

Guest said

Sounds pretty fancy :)

Guest said

Vewy noice, and super clear and crispt sound. I like!

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