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Sanderling Radio Feature


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A piece I produced for Classical Public Radio last fall after interviewing conductor Stefan Sanderling. What he has to say about music and why he does what he does is powerful, especially against the backdrop of music from Shostakovich’s Symphony No. 5.

Guest said

thanks for putting all this on here...I love different.

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Mic Doja said

I really liked this one. It was interesing

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Oh My Goodness said

this is great.

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MusicManiac said

Excellent! I love it

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Sudara said

For the record, nothing is out of "format" for alonetone. If it is uploadable, and you made it then it is worth listening to. Bring it on. (I mean it, I really enjoy listening to your stuff)

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jennifer said

Thanks, Sudara. I know radio pieces are a little out of "format" for the site, but they're the audio I'm making, so I figure it's fair to share.

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Sudara said

Inspiring, Jennifer. Keep posting these productions, I really enjoy listening to them, for both the music and the words. Shosti is a favorite of mine.

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