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Up On The Hill (New)

Gilbert Neilson

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This is a re-do of “Up on the hill” done the conventional way. I wrote the words 1st.
This is my 1st attempt at using Logic Express. I should learn most of the basics by spring. :)
The old version has been posted here This new version has Drums of which I play and has a snappier tempo.

Played exclusively with Pointless Picks naturally.

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launched said

Cool tune - Good vibe to it!

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Sandy Gritt said

I'm really diggin' your style. Nice chunky junkyard groove here.

Guest said

This is awesome! Love the voice... A lot... Great stuff! Thanks for your comments too! For "Trinity Jam" the guitar is an old Ibanez RG.

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kirklynch said

Sweet! I liked the old version but this one is better! Great lyrics!

Guest said

I wish I was tipsy, dancing with a cowboy in a hideaway diner that stays open all night. (Bethan is A-C-T-U-A-L-L-Y swaying, with her arms above her head. And she's supposed to be making my breakfast.)

Guest said

Lovely, arm swaying song. Singing along with it already!

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