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Forbidden Love


Uploaded .

Whiling away a few of hours with this ditti. Can’t say who this was about, but no-one on this site knows her.

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alpha1 said

Thanks for the compliment on my songs.I am actually a bass player, been playing since the early 80s but i was into punk/post punk, Then I got into disco funk, Chic were a big infuence. and i seem to just write songs that sound similar to the stuff i was into back then. Your stuff is pretty good. Thanks again .

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Johnny Stone said

Really like this

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thetworegs said

A tc helicon voicelive 2 the magic box for vocals

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Gene Eric Mann said

Great panning. The mix down and mastering job is superb, tasteful, well thought out. Sounding awesome on my speaker system. Sweet! Gonna play it again!

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