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Expiration Date

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song#2 for RPMC2016

Expiration date

A rough month for rock stars
All the good ones are leaving
It’s about that time
Just the songs remain and
Public grieving

I read the news today oh no
When you died they wrote you up
Counted your assets
Divided it up
All they had to say
It’s too bad he couldn’t play
A little longer

Ziggy’s gone to Mars
Paul has seen the stars
If music is truth
Then truth is illusion
Jimi said its only
Love or confusion

In heaven there must be a
Helluva band
Playing loud and jamming
All night
Lennon and Jimi and Lemmy too
Rockin out I know it’s sounds alright

Now death don’t have no mercy, it’s true
Someday it’ll come for me and you
Still there ain’t no reason for you to cry
Or stand around here just waiting to die

jimgoodinmusic's avatar
jimgoodinmusic said

Love the sound of your guitar on this plus the line 'stand around here waiting to die...' fabulous!

Sister Savage's avatar
Sister Savage said

Sigh...just great playing. Total class. MOODY but total class. You're the guy I want on my porch swing juz playing away all day long.

jimgoodinmusic's avatar
jimgoodinmusic said

Kavin that's beautifully played and sung and spoken. Love the feel and the last line!

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Wildgeas Music said

Fits right in with my spaghetti western movie music. We should call Tarantino and hook up :)

Wildgeas Music's avatar
Wildgeas Music said

Thanks dude. Remind me of my expiration date. Hell, you even put my name in it :)

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captgene said

cool ash can slides.

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Johnny Stone said

Love it great guitar