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Between the Day and the Night

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Another one written by Dennis Coble. He plays my 12 string, I’m doing the lead bits.

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Wildgeas Music said

super guitar playin'. This is really pleasing.

Guest said

Swanky winebar cool.

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yelyah said

love the sounds on this one

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a place said

HEy Kavin. Thanks for the kind words. We're intentionally trying to do something without any borders and without too much convention. Kind of like trying to make a painting and not use canvas and brushes....thinking outside the box on this project. We thought the only way anyone would listen if is we had good song names...since they are really not so much songs as they are, moments of space isolated. If that makes sense. But thanks for hopping on board. more to come. Love your sound as well. IS the Mr. Faraday reference have to do with the character on LOST?