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King Of The World


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Well, this one speaks for itself if you listen carefully. You know who!

A somewhat jazzy song….
I played the keys, bass, guitars and did the vocals & mix
drums done in Addicted drums

I’m the king of the world
And all I do is tweet
I’m the boss of bosses
And I rule by decrete

I’m on top of the hill
And I do what it takes
Don’t believe my enemies
I tell ya, they’re all fakes
King of the world (2x)

Refr: I’m the king of the world
And I do as I please
I’m the one to decide
Over war and peace

I’m the man on the throne
And I don’t like those strangers
I’m gonna build a wall
To keep out the danger

I am the king of kings
And I do as I desire
I’m gonna spread my wings
And set the world on fire
King of the world (2x)


James Michael Taylor's avatar
James Michael Taylor said

...another sunny song. Great happy groove!

Kenneth Lavrsen's avatar
Kenneth Lavrsen said

You should try this genre more. You do it really well. That slow swing and your vocal. And guitar. It really works

alhughson's avatar
alhughson said

Glad I found you here man great sounds,very cool mix

jmb99000's avatar
jmb99000 said

Tight, airy, and very enjoyable! Good to hear your music again, Cees!

Jason H. Austin's avatar
Jason H. Austin said

groovy and smooth!!

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