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A new song
The worst man possible for the job right now

You divide and conquer
While there is fear and hunger
You play a dangerous game
But you won’t take any blame

Your’re a cheat and a crook
You don’t play by the book
You don’t show no affection
Your concern is re-election

Refr: Behind your wall of lies
You’re a devil in disquise
Better watch your steps facing your demise

A man with a dark side
And you don’t even try to hide it
The king of the deal
But you don’t care how we feel


Brdg: There’s chaos and division
And I see a total lack of vision
You’re a king without a crown
You’re gonna bring us down

You say politics is poker
Now tell me who’s the joker
The government is compromised
The people are demoralized

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Colleen Dillon said

hmmmm..... I know someone like this.... lots of orange makeup.... Good song! Truer words never spoken.

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Greg Connor said

Nice groove and interesting message

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Nick P said

Nice job!

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Andrew Russe said

Cool sounds.

Guest said

well done again Cees ! clear guitar tones and lyrics

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