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She's The One (with Jessica)

Keith Landry

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A few years back in a Portsmouth, NH bar, I saw a guy sitting across from a girl who was looking at him with such adoration and love - and I’m pretty sure the guy had no idea. This song’s for you, young man. I hope you realized what you had there.


You’ve been playing cool, but don’t be a fool
Can’t you see you’ve got a good thing going
It ain’t all that hard to just let down your guard
She’s gotta see your love light showing
She’s the one, so don’t blow it

Wait another day, and she could slip away
‘Cuz you won’t wear your heart out on your sleeve
So, dammit, be a man and take her by the hand
And let her know you ain’t gonna leave
She’s the one - make her believe it

So tonight, get it right
Open up your heart ‘cuz she’s the only girl
Who love so true - show her all you want to do
Is put her at the center of your world

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Bethan Mathis said

Love the b vox Jessica. Beautiful song!

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Sister Savage said

Beautiful, heartfelt song - and gorgeous vocal from Jessica.

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