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Flown away

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Flown away is a story about regret and the inability to change what already has happened.
Drums recorded by Junglizt (Halldór Hrafn) and guitar was made in 30 minutes by visiting Mesonyx (Jón Dal).

Flown away,
the moments they have gone,
their absence crystalized in the
memories of my mind.

Where do they land, those moments
now gone?

I open my thougts:

delete the things that I did wrong

those memories free anew.

Take me along, so the memories of myself
can forever be crystalized in the past.

Guest said

ctually the mettalic sounds on the computer dont work with the powerful you have to try to tap into sounds around you and enter them in as does not always resonate with emotional content..xxxxxxxxx its great tho!!

Guest said

something to behold

Guest said

Love the melody!

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childhoodsend said

You got me with the first 3 words. This is a great sound. I love this song. This production... OK favorite.

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glu said

did i accidentally comment privately on this one! I love it!

Guest said

Nice vocal effect! This is lovely.