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This is an unreleased version of a track that ends as a remix of my old time favorite, The Green Bead...
A coop between me and another alonetoner and a Chill productions member, Captain Kirk. Original melodic idea and lyrics by me, guitar, piano, final mix, final composition and mastering by Kirk and the beautiful singing is done by his wife…read more
A three tonal piece of power
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This is a track I've been working on for quite a while so I am glad to finally have it out of my head. I have a kind of love/hate relationship with time and its humble functionary, the clock. Ticking, in particular, is something I am ambivalent…read more
My first piano sonatina, I hope you like it :)
Lyrics: She’s my mood swing. She’s my accoutrement. She’s my blood money, honey. She’s the coke bugs under my skin. She’s my perturbation. She blows me to smithereens. She’s my crisis intervention. She’s a mystery repeating. She…read more
Lyrics: Well you know everything is changing, you can’t tell which way to go. It’s just booze, guns, and acid, and one huge pile of blow. I gotta make some corrections, it’s not hard to see. Maybe find myself a holy man to take this devil…read more
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There's a whole mythology woven into this song, and hence into the album, and the weave is fine and warm.
MODERN MEDICINE DJ-Set _____________________________________________ INSIDE: (Emilie Simon, Kronos Quartet, Modern Medicine, NIN, The Columbus Academy Children's Choir, Beth Gibbons, Sneaker Pimps, Blue States, Vetiver etc.) Disclaimer…read more
For my friend and coworker, because he certainly deserves it. This song is friends with [song for themcgruff](http://alonetone.com/sudara/tracks/song-for-themcgruff)
This is another (short) love song...
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Johnny Stone said

Brilliant great job.

Richard Hardrick said

welcome to the acuarious age… Excellent track man!!!

Guest said

Seems cruel to keep this cool, full sounds locked up!

This is an unreleased version of a track that ends as a remix of my old time favorite, The Green Bead...
Guest said

This deserves to be released! Excellent full sound! Now I want to go and work out!

Guest said

LOVE IT!!! This is awesome! I really like how it goes from ethereal to pounding awesome beats. Great work!

Making music has been part of who I am since 1995. I’ve never quite known what my handle should stand for but it looked good on paper back in 1997 and has stuck with me since then.

I live in Iceland and I love it despite what we have and will be going through. Music making is not my main line of work but I love to share my feelings and creativity with others.

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